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Work is more than what we do. It impacts where we live, what we spend, and how we spend it. Monster users come here to find better. Our network of sites connects them to you.

Why Monster?

Monster pioneered online job search and today, we've got the biggest reach, broadest audience, and the latest targeting technology to connect brands and businesses with the right person at the right time.

We'll help you reach active and passive job seekers through a variety of platforms, media products and ad networks, using smart targeting that makes sure your message reaches the right consumer – every time.

What we know about our users:

  • Current and Previous Job Titles
  • Career Level
  • Education Level
  • Career Status
  • Current Location
  • Job Search locations

Our Audience

Average Monthly Traffic

17M Unique Visitors
105M Page Views
91M Job Searches
85M Job Views
620K Resumes Added
46% access Monster on a mobile device
10 minutes is the average time spent per user visit
11,658 new employer accounts created in the last 90 days
1.5M plan to change jobs/careers in the next 12 months
46% have a college/grad degree

Our Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Employer Targeting: B2B

Third-Party Targeting

User Specific Targeting

Our Properties

Simply put, we connect people with job opportunities. But is so much more. Over the past 20 years, we've grown from a "job board" to a global network offering unparalleled reach, a vast array of media and ad solutions, and analytics that help us target the right people at the right time.

Monster's proprietary resource for men and women in uniform, helps 10 million members find jobs and education benefits, explore relocation options and other important military-to-civilian transitions. For advertisers, we offer unparalleled access to this hard-to-reach demographic with revolutionary media solutions.

Fastweb is the premiere destination to help students select, attend and pay for their ideal college. Fastweb gives advertisers the opportunity to reach high school and college students and their parents in a unique environment - when they are thinking about their future, triggering consideration of new products and services.

Media Solutions

Monster Premium Placements

Powerful high-impact branding opportunities on's premiere locations.


Designed for audience engagement and brand recognition

Integrate video & image galleries, social media, content, blogs and more


Standard IAB placements can be targeted based on your needs throughout's job seeker and employer experience.

Integrate video & image galleries, social media content blogs & more

Monster's Job Search Results Page

Career Advice Article

Social Job Ads

Connect with Job Seekers on Twitter

Take your social recruiting to the next level by targeting your jobs to both passive and active qualified candidates across Twitter and Facebook automatically.

Facebook Social Recruiting

Connect with Job Seekers on Facebook

Monster's Facebook recruiting offers you an a-la-carte solution for establishing your recruitment brand on Facebook via custom tabs, job feeds and ads.

Monster B2B Social Connect

Connect with Monster's B2B audience in social media

We harness rich professional data and social profiles to deliver intelligent, hyper-targeted in-feed Facebook and Twitter advertising to the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

Monster's content delivers career advice and the latest job news to our users with specific niche areas from technology to healthcare, retail and career start.

Sponsored content lets advertisers reach and engage with job seekers as they're looking for career and industry-related content.

Career Start

Reach Potential candidates first with premium ad placements

What is it...

Highly Targeted Onsite Ad Placements that allow clients to reach their desired Audience and engage with them throughout their experience on Monster, including Premium Placements on Job Search Results pages.

Monster Search Engine Marketing

Monster search engine marketing drives traffic to your career site by targeting seekers who are actively searching for jobs that match your openings on Google. The ad listings will appear at the top and bottom of the search results pages for all keywords sponsored.

Career Video Ads

  • Use the power of video to reach and connect with a larger audience for your career opportunities.
  • Promote your recruitment brand with a 15-second pre-roll commercial
  • Distribute your ad to targeted users and drive traffic to your career site
  • Includes video production and professional onscreen talent

Career Ad Network

Extend the reach of your company's job openings to proactively recruit qualified candidates at the right place and right time where they live online.

Monster Extension

  • Monster Audience Extension: B2C & B2B Targeting
  • Extend your reach and engage with a qualified audience wherever they go online